After two years of research in testing and collaboration, we are excited to present you with our first product; the Intersection Wallet. The design of the Intersection Wallet was inspired from the intersection points between a rectangle & circle. The wallet is designed to emphasize function and fashion at the same time. The arched flaps divides the storage of your wallet into cards & cash, enabling you quick access to both.


Intersection Wallet

Extensive time and testing was put into the design and thinking behind the Intersection Wallet. Hand stitched from a single piece of American Vegetable Tanned leather, the intersection wallet is designed to last for a long time.

Intersection Wallet

The intersection wallet is divided into two main functions- access to cash and access to cards. The cash pouch is able to carry up to 30 single currency bills at a time.

The card pouch is able to carry up to 6 typical size credit or ID cards at a time.

Education Through Design

The wallet is inspired by the intersection between a rectangle and a circle. Intersection Wallet Info

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