Intersection Wallet

Slim design without compromise.

The Math

The Intersection Wallet is inspired by the intersection between a circle and a rectangle.
The equation can be written as A∩B, where A and B is the set that contains all elements of A that also belong to B.


Check wikipedia to learn more.

Slim Design

The Intersection Wallet provides a slim profile, and easy to access things as you need them.

Real Size. Real Wallet.

Although the Intersection wallet is a slim profile, it packs a large storage capacity when you need it.


The stitches of the Intersection Wallet are saddle stitching – which is the most durable stitch for leather work.
This stitch has been used traditionally for horse-back saddles, and cannot be done by machine.

Durable Buttons

The Intersection Wallet’s buttons provide easy access for everything in your wallet, and also keeps your wallet secure in case it falls.